Welcome to blockchain4aid – where technology meets humanity!

At b4a HQ we think about humanitarian action and development and blockchain day and night. It is a fascinating journey that we are starting with this website!

blockchain4aid is a project born at the intersection of two worlds that we share and have been interested in for a long time: technology on one side, humanitarian action and development on the other. Where these two universes meet is an inspiring place to explore: blockchain can bring more efficiency, more transparency, and new or better solutions to the humanitarian action and development challenges; in the same way, the aid sector can offer a novel and different purpose to blockchain, and be fertile ground for original use cases and unique applications.

At blockchain4aid, we want to create a space that is home to in-depth thinking and debate on blockchain technology and its applications to humanitarian action and development. When we started, we couldn’t find anything similar, so we decided to build it ourselves, and share it with everyone else who is interested. We want to create a place where a community of people interested in the same topics as us feels inspired to share their thoughts and exchange views, propose ideas. We believe in popularizing blockchain technology, we would like to contribute in our small way to its growth in social applications.

Blockchain is complex, like humanitarian action and development are. This makes our endeavour twice as complex, and equally fascinating. The high degree of complexity is something we are well aware of, and face constantly; precisely for this reason we want to share with others what we are learning, and we try to make the difficult easy. The majority of people interested in blockchain do not know much about humanitarian action and development; likewise the majority of aid workers and organizations do not know how blockchain technology works and what it can be used for. In building blockchain4aid we want to create basic resources alongside more in-depth analysis to explain both subjects, not only to expand our own knowledge but to make the learning process more accessible to everybody else.

A team of siblings, one specialized in programming, and the other specialized in humanitarian action, we have created this project to share our journey on blockchain, humanitarian action and development with others. Will you join us?

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