blockchain4aid is a project born in 2018 from our collaboration, a computer programmer and a humanitarian, curious about this technology and how it can be used to help addressing humanitarian and development problems, big and small. We are learning about it, we talk a lot about it and we have thought it would be fun and interesting to share with others our learning process. We hope people will join in the debate and bring questions and ideas, and we’ll all better understand and apply blockchain-based solutions to some of the challenges this world faces.

The two authors, Moira (left) and Christian (right)


I am a humanitarian who also likes to find a solution to difficult problems, but of a different kind. I have worked with UN agencies, NGOs, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in many different countries, in conflicts, epidemics and disasters. Clearly, I have a weird sense of humour if I choose crises as my job and a perplexing beast like blockchain as my hobby. I love travel and photography though, like normal people.


I’m a 💻 developer through and through at a company focusing on e-learning. I like to find practical solutions to difficult problems, which ironically is how I came across the concept of blockchain in the first place, and now I spend a bunch of time reading and thinking about the use of technology in humanitarian action and development.
Fun fact: I have a medical allergy for the word “disruptive”.

A note on the name

“Aid” might not be the most exact term to indicate the scope of our blockchain explorations, which encompass both spheres of humanitarian action and development – and the nexus, of course 😉 – however it is used commonly in the sector and it is easily understandable by non experts. Plus, blockchain4humanitarianactionanddevelopment would be just impossible to write correctly in one go.

For more on the nuances of aidspeak, check our glossary.